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Elective Prenatal Ultrasound

The questions listed below are the most frequently asked questions about our Elective Prenatal Ultrasound packages. Should you have any questions that are not answered below, please call us at (916) 984-7100.

We offer elective 2D, 3D/4D and HDlive prenatal ultrasounds to provide a positive experience for the mother, father and family members as they see the baby for the first time. We feel that realistic surface images provide a connection between the parents and baby that can be beneficial to the whole family. We make no claims that these elective ultrasounds images viewed in this examination will provide to better assess the baby for abnormalities nor should they be used as a replacement for a full, routine medical sonogram. A routine ultrasound examination should have already been performed to assess the gestational age of the fetus and to screen for fetal anomalies as well as the basic components of fetal anatomy as recommended by your physician.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Women seeking an elective prenatal Ultrasound with InVision Ultrasound must already be receiving treatment with a healthcare provider for prenatal care and ideally have already undergone a medical, diagnostic ultrasound ordered by their provider to confirm their due date, screen for fetal anomalies, and to look for any other pregnancy related issues. Please note, at no time is this exam to be used in place of a complete diagnostic ultrasound.

Extensive studies over 30 years have found that Ultrasound has not been shown to cause any harm to mother or baby. Routine scanning of all pregnancies is now normal throughout the United States. In 3D/4D/HDlive scanning exactly the same type and intensity of Ultrasound is used as with conventional 2D scanning. 3D/4D and HDlive Ultrasound utilize sound waves to look inside the body. The type of software that renders the image is different and is a post scan event. The technology is similar to radar. A probe placed on the body emits sound waves into the body, listens for the return echo and generates an image. 4D and HDlive Ultrasounds will be similar to a conventional scan in terms of exposure. What is HDlive? Do I need an appointment? How long does the ultrasound take? How far along should I be before I have a 4D ultrasound? Will I always get a beautiful picture of my baby? Do you offer the opportunity for re-takes if the pictures are not good? Can I bring my family and friends? Are you always able to tell the gender of the baby? Is the elective ultrasound covered by Insurance? How much does it cost?

HDlive is an extraordinary new technology in software image rendering that allows you to capture images of your baby in an amazingly realistic way while still in the womb. The images are shown in high definition with the ability to post edit for the most optimal view of your baby. They provide superior clarity and quality experience and are the newest advancement in elective ultrasound.

Yes, appointments are necessary for all of our services. Often same day appointments are available, but please give us a call so we can set aside the necessary time to make this experience special for you and your family. Our office number is 916-984-7100.

Depending on the package you choose, the ultrasound session will last between 15 and 30 minutes. But please plan on a little extra time in case we need to work with your baby if he or she is in a tough position for ideal images. Also, based on the nature of our business on occasion we run behind. Every effort is made to keep to our appointment schedule, but sometimes the babies are on their own time frame… we will be sure to give every client the time, experience and patience needed to gather the best images and gender information necessary.

If you plan on having only one 3D/4D or HDlive ultrasound examination, we would recommend having the examination performed between the 29th and 34th week of the pregnancy. However, excellent3D/4D/HDlive images of your baby can be obtained anytime after about 24 weeks of pregnancy and all the way up to your due date. Many mothers obtain more than one elective ultrasound in order to have images to enjoy from their second and third trimesters. In this case, I recommend: Gender at 15 weeks, Sneak Peak Package around 26 weeks and a 3D/4D or HDlive package around 34 weeks.

Usually, but not always, sometimes if the baby is persistently looking face down, i.e. towards your spine it may be difficult to see the baby’s face. If this happens, a repeat scan in one hour will often be successful because the baby has turned to a more favorable position. We make no promises that the images will be similar to those you might have seen elsewhere or even from our clinic, or that we can always meet everyone’s expectations. Every baby scans differently, depending on its gestational age, position, amount of amniotic fluid, and mother’s condition. We promise to make every effort to obtain the best possible images of whatever parts of the baby that can be seen.

As mentioned above, we cannot guarantee that every baby is cooperative. We DO however, believe everyone should have the best experience possible and therefore, we try our very best to provide excellent customer service. Each case will be evaluated independently based on the technicians experience as to the likelihood of better pictures on a different day; if the technician believes a scan on another day may offer better images a repeat appointment may be offered. These are typically done as a courtesy and will be scheduled during our slow time (Monday-Friday, daytime) and ideally with the owner to provide the best opportunity for success a second time around.

Yes. In fact, we encourage our clients to invite family and friends to attend the elective ultrasound session with you. This is a joyous and wonderful experience, one that can be shared with your family and loved ones. We can comfortably accommodate 6 to 12 people on our luxury sofa and raised seating. Our seating is specifically arranged so that everyone in your party will have an excellent view of our many screens displayed in the room.

Yes, in most cases we can provide an indication of the gender of the baby as early as 14 weeks. In a few cases, the position of the baby, mom’s body type, position of the placenta all may “block” our view for a good look. However, in these rare cases, usually a small walk and waiting until the baby cooperates a while later will work.

At this point, insurance does not cover the costs of elective ultrasounds. Since this is an elective procedure and is not intended for medical use, you will need to pay the cost of this ultrasound as an out of pocket expense. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards.

We have packages to fit just about anyone’s budget. Please refer to the <a href="http://www.invision3dultrasound.com/services/" >“Services”</a> section of the website for pricing.